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Inside Proformance

At Proformance, our methodology starts with an initial assessment. I think the best way we can share our toolbelt with an athlete is to figure out where the need is. We’re not only looking at their body fat composition, or body weight or nutritional needs, or even just the sport they play. Before we can really help them we need to take a look at what the need is. And we do that in a number of ways. We do that by first taking them through what’s called a functional screen. And that screen tells us where the mechanical breakdown, the suspension of the body is out of whack. Most athletes come to us because they want to become faster, stronger, and to jump higher, and for us to do that, there’s a power output needed to improve all three of those scenarios. The assessment results show the best way to hone and share our skills to fix and improve the athlete as a whole.

Who is Proformance for?

Proformance is for anybody that is passionate about getting better. There is a misconception that we’re here only for the Division I athlete, or for the athlete that wants to play professional sports, and I think that’s false. I think our job is to help the athletes dominate where they are, and in doing so, that gives those athletes opportunities to continue to play.

If you ask any great coach, why they’re coaching, it’s because they’re trying to be involved with the sport they love dearly and miss. So, in coaching, we’re extending our career to be involved with sports. For the athlete, we’re trying to extend their career and their longevity so that they can enjoy the game that we greatly miss. We give every athlete that comes here, not only a sense of urgency, but a reality check. Everybody’s got dreams, everybody would like to be in the NHL or NFL or Major League Baseball. The issue is, if we can’t get them to dominate in grade school, on the practice field, in the league they’re playing in now, they probably don’t have a very good chance to play further. So that’s simply our goal, to improve them where they are and catch the attention of those around them. When that happens, typically they’re asked to play at a higher level and that’s really the goal here at Proformance. Really, it’s to access, find out what the need is, and then improve the athlete’s ability and in doing so we’re extending the athlete’s opportunity to play.

Stay Fit, Stay Health and Excel with Proformance Sports Training.